Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's cold outside...
and the game is done! Today's the last day of Game Design and we're doing the finishing touches on the game board.  We're going to start playing today! Woo hoo fo' School!

Day 7: <(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^)> <(^.^)> <(^.^<) <(^.^)>

Andrew and Mike met up at the Alcove (College Ave Computing Center at Records Hall) and cut out (and pasted) all of the cards together.  Jen later came to the Alcove to work on the construction and design of the game box. Jen also took pictures of all of the group members for the website.

Later, Jen left and Parag arrived. Parag, Andrew, and Mike were able to look over the brochure one final time and make a few changes. They also put together the finalized board by cutting and pasting the print out onto foam board.

Jen also finished the weebly website (

Update #2

Last Friday, Parag dropped off the finalized board plots and design ideas to Jen. Jen took our finalized prototype and created the official board design and print out in Adobe Photoshop CS5. She was able to print it out using her work printer.

After the whole entire group finalized all of the ideas for Party Cards, Cop Cards, Friend Cards, and Crime Alert! (Obstacle) Cards, Jen was able to make those as well in Adobe Photoshop CS5. She printed them out on her work printer.

Jen also took the game rules that Parag wrote up from Google Docs and formulated a Game Brochure. She added in a some edits and finalized rules (including small screen shots from the actual board design for clarification).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 6: The Final Countdown to Happy Making Time<(o.o)>

Parag finalized the game spaces on our prototype with the rest of the group's approval. We determined all of the party locations as well as the start/finish spot. We also finalized the different location icons that will be photoshopped on the final map and printed out.

Mike finalized all of the cards and edited them for take off. Andrew had added some more actions for the cards prior to class.

Jen started work on the website and that will be completed (with attached documents) by this weekend.

Mike and Parag are going to meet up tonight to make sure there is nothing wrong with the map before the photoshopped version will be created and printed. Then Mike, Parag, and Jen will have an epic photoshoot afterwards.

(Andrew was not able to make it to class today because of a family emergency.)

Update #1

Jen printed out another, larger version of the map with the street names photoshopped out (and written in smaller on the sides). Parag took the print out and planned out the official spots for the spaces.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 5: Test For Okay Making <(^-^<)

Today we made some final adjustments to our final prototype game board. We tested it out with another group and made a list of potential changes to the game:

 Changes to the Rules
 - If you land on the same spot as an opponent, you both lose one turn because you guys get into a drunken brawl.
 - During any time, you may go any direction, but you  must go only in that chosen direction.
 - You start at the dorm (instead of at the party) and draw two random "Party" cards to determine which parties you will stop by during the course of the night. After making your two party stops, you will have to make your way back to the dorm first. There will be 12 party cards.

Extra Ideas
 - Add arrows on the board for intersections to know how spaces correspond with one another.

Day 4: Three Working Hard Man Work Streets ^_-

Parag, Mike, and Andrew met up on Sunday night to work on the game prototype. They finished up a temporary board using a enlarged print-out of a New Brunswick (College Ave Campus). They figured out how many spaces would be places on each street depending on whether or not it was a regular route or a short-cut route. The final game board will be manipulated in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and most likely glued onto a thick foam board.

The actions for both the Cop and Crime Alert! cards have been written and just need to be transferred to the actual cards for the final version of the game. We have game pieces for the board, thanks to the professor, that we most likely will use unless other alternatives are found.